The best of 2014…

A necessary list of the best of the year’s everything… :D IMO! The best song: “Stolen Dance” by Milky Chance     The best movie: “Guardians of the Galaxy”     The best new show: “Dominion”   The best “old” show: “Supernatural”     The best travel spot: Ayutthaya, Thailand   The best moment: Getterön an early […]

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The most liked (the best?) Instagram photo of 2014

My most popular photo from my Instagram feed during the whole year of 2014 was apparantly this photo:


It’s a photo of me (obviously) infront of one of my top travel destinations – Machu Picchu, Peru.

Ever since I was in High School I’ve dreamed about this place. The 3rd and last year I wrote the mandatory paper  about the Incas, and since then this masterpiece made no 1 on my bucket list.

Spring of 2000 my dream came true. It was a truly magical experience and I do wish for all of you who haven’t been there yet, to once in a life time experience this place.

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THIS POST IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN SWEDISH!   During my “stay at home in Sweden”-period, a couple more exclusive spa’s have opened up in Fisherman’s Village, Koh Samui. The one I wish to tell you about now is called “Spa Sakura”, and IMO it’s the absolute best spa in Fisherman’s Village (and one of the […]

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THIS POST IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN SWEDISH!   Since my arrival I’ve celebrated my birthday: 41! Yatta! When I was about to turn 30 I went through a huge age related crisis, but as 40 drew closer it didn’t feel too bad at all, and now having passed the magic number, I just feel awesome, as […]

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365 project, theme week 4

THIS POST IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN SWEDISH! Close by my office is an indoor flea market called Kommersen, open during weekends. The building is incredibly creatively and beautifully decorated with striking graffiti, or street art, which ever you like to call it. I gave it a challenge for a week to take 7 different photos from […]

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365 project, theme week 3

THIS POST IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN SWEDISH! Theme week 3 of my 365 photo challenge project was all about love… All because of Valentine’s Day, which occurred on the Friday of this/that week. Valentine’s Day is also Oh’s and my anniversary, the first time we shared a pillow, so we’ve chosen this day to celebrate […]

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365 project, theme week 2

THIS POST IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN SWEDISH! Because my first theme week of my 365 project was black and white, I chose the second week to be about colours, and not just colour photos, but in some way symbolise colour, or show colours of the objects in the photos. This was an incredibly hard task, […]

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