Wednesday Words: Confucius says slow

This time “Wednesday Words” is a quote I feel is quite right for me at the moment. I’ve spent almost 5 weeks here at “Yangshuo Traditional Tai Chi School” in Jima, and haven’t learned a thing! Plus, I still feel as the stiffest person who ever sat foot […]

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forbidden city

Beijing – the Forbidden City

“Beijing – förbjudna staden” was first published on my Swedish Blog.   So, I finally got to do my visit no 2 in the Forbidden City, the other day when I tried I’d forgotten my passport – and no, that’s not possible anymore! You have to get registered! So […]

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China – 2017 – here I come!

“Kina – 2017 – here I come” was first published on my Swedish Blog.   It’s almost time – the main thing I’ve been waiting for quite a while now – I’m off to China, and more accurately Yangshuo to practice Tai Chi for 3 months at Yangshuo Traditional Tai […]

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Fisherman’s Village Market

“Marknad i Fisherman’s Village” was first published on my Swedish Blog.   The best market on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand, is without doubt the one in Fisherman’s Village – needless to rub it in, but I simply love Fisherman’s Village. By far the best beach on […]

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Old memories: Wat Plai Laem, Samui

“Wat Plai Laem” was first published on my Swedish Blog.   Sometimes when you go through your old photos, you’re kind of amazed of what you find, and realise you haven’t even posted them! What a disgrace… 🙂   A visit at Wat Plai Laem is almost compulsory […]

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