About a week ago I decided to join a Swedish challenge called #blogg100. In this challenge you have to post at least 1 post every day for 100 days. This means I have been posting shorter posts on my Swedish blog, in order to have material for 100 days.


This also means I have been kind of lazy translating these posts for this blog.


However, I’m planning on translating all of them, and posting them here too, because this is supposed to be an English mirror of my regular blog, and that’s the way I’d like to keep it. Somehow I’ve given my Swedish blog too much attention the last week while trying to come up with new topics every day, so I haven’t really cared about this English one. Besides I’m moving all of my old stuff from onsugar.com to this new blog, and that might, hopefully, keep you busy reading too.


New stuff upcoming!


But, like I’ve said, during the next few days I’m planning on updating this one with everything I’ve been posting on my Swedish blog. So hang in there, new stuff is coming!

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