Last week on the Swedish show Life As Me

Since I started moving my blog from Onsugar to WordPress I’ve been completely lazy about updating this new one (as I’ve already stated in a previous post, although it doesn’t make it less true).

Been busy moving the old posts (I’m kind of a neat freak, so I’d like to have everything in one spot, even the old babies – everything should be from the beginning), and in January this Blogg100-thing started, which I’ve explained briefly in this post. Coming up with new topics every day and reposting the old stuff here, well let’s just say – translating the new, posting-every-day-type posts seemed rather pointless, but here we go.

Be prepared for daily updates for a while.

Last week on Life As Me

Friday 15 feb I went on a visa run. Again. It was, as usual, a very long day, which started at 0350 with the alarm ringing pretty loudly. I wasn’t really in the mood for dragging myself off to 7-11 and having to wait there all alone, indefinitely, in the middle of the night (I suppose nobody is), as previous visa runs have tought me – the pick-up is always late.

Imagine my surprise when the pick-up showed up pretty much on the dot.

Easy Way is a company Malin and me went with on the visa run last time, and we were so happily surprised – I gave them my highest recommendation on my blog – so this time I didn’t have to think twice where to buy my visa run.

So, this Friday Easy Way were on time, which actually gives them some extra points, although next thing happening did kind of make them lose those points. After the driver picked me up we continued out to Bangrak to pick up some drunk middleaged men. I don’t really understand the point of going on a visa run drunk – I mean, yes, it’s boring, but being drunk doesn’t really make it much funnier. At least not in my book. And not for the other people.

Half an hour later we returned to 7-11 – MY 7-11 in Fisherman’s Village – to pick up another farang girl. Whatever happened to organisation? Why did they have to pick poor me up at 0430, while the other girl could sleep in and arrive at such a late time as 0500!!!?

Sometimes, I don’t get this country at all, but no point in dwelling on menial details.

The boat trip was pretty painless, even the trip down to the Malaysian border was smooth. I was in such luck I didn’t have to share mini van with the drunk farang men! But I did see them at the border, where they were behaving equally strange. And by strange, I mean drunk.

If your idea of a visa run is shopping cheap, great stuff you should go to Rong Kleua Market on the border to Cambodia.

The queues were lingering longer at the Thai border than last time, but this border crossing is pretty painless compared to the one in Rong Kleua market, which is the one they take you when you buy your visa run on Khao San Road. Man, that is the worse visa run – ever! If you can avoid it, please do. That is, if you don’t want to catch 2 birds with 1 stone and do some excellent shopping while you’re there!

Why are you all standing in line? Just hand in your papers, preferably over everyones’ heads, and it will all go faster!

So while we’re standing there, quietly in line, Thai people (or might have been Malaysian, they looked rather local) just came sashaying by us – every 20-something of us – reached over the people standing first in line, handing in their documents to the official sitting by the Arrival counter!

Anecdote: I remember while living in Kathmandu how pissed this always made me, since people there didn’t know about the queueing system either. But that was in my youthful days, I was a tad more hot tempered. 😉 This day I didn’t even raise an eyebrow. So what? It happens on a daily basis… why bother with anger? Or maybe I’ve ajusted myself, just slightly.

Spanish, older, retired people also like to pass you by in the line; according to my Spanish teacher they all feel we “youthlings” have all the time in the world to stand in line.

This brought back memories to another anecdote; an incident when I was studying Spanish in Granada, Spain. Marie and I was shopping groceries, and when I was finished putting all of my stuff on the cashier’s desk, simply waiting for my turn, an old lady shows up (and this was no lady worthy of respect – but a real old hag, judging from her behaviour), and shoves her groceries between mine and the customer before me. Without the least bit of shame. And then she pretends I’m not even standing there, doesn’t even look in my direction. Since it was kind of a weird thing for her to do, I was turning – looking for the candid cameras, but when I didn’t find any I just shrugged and allowed it! Let the old hag pass me by! So what?

Meanwhile back to the border Thailand/Malaysia.

Instead of making a fuss about the locals passing us by, I got somewhat annoyed with a fellow Swedish girl, instead. Someone must endure my wrath apparantly. Having 1 day of overstay, she thought it somehow made sense to start objecting to the border official, when he wanted to charge her 500 baht, with the following words: “Yes, I forgot my passport yesterday, but it said on the internet that the first day was free!”

Well ok, then, so the fact that you’re in the country illegally doesn’t matter – because the first day is for free? The “not-having-to-pay-for-it” part makes it ok?

In Sweden you don’t get a punishment, or even arrested, for shoplifting stuff of less value than 700 sek (about $100) – so in her twisted world, that must mean it’s ok to shoplift, as long as you only take stuff for $99. Right?

This was pretty much everything about the visa run – see: Easy Way is a pretty easy way to go on a visa run – everything runs smoothly. Just saying…

zen kopia

A quote worthy of some thought from master Yoda himself, although he mostly speaks both backwards and odd, he sits on enormous pools of wisdom:

”Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.”


I’ve just started to live by these words, and I was just about to write “trying” to live by, too. It’s hard, actually a lot harder than it sounds. Usually the words: “I’ll try” just pops out without giving it further thought, since you never want to promise too much.

“I’ll try.” No, you won’t!


Either you do or you don’t… Lately I prefer do, time has long since passed the opportunity or luxury of being able to choose “not”. The time is here for some action! So for every one of you out there, who just like me is somewhat paralyzed, scared or cowardly, hamshackled and shy – hear Yoda’s words.

At least try. Yeah, you see, it is hard… 😉

One day we had some electricity problems, basically all day. So I got to relive the enjoyment of swimming in the warm, beautiful ocean. Something I do far too little of. But I’ve turned things around and during this last week I’ve actually been to the beach 3 times. Compared to last month it’s an increase of about 300% so I’m pretty proud.

Yesterday I took a long, long walk on the beach; all the way from Fisherman’s Village to Maenam and back again. It took little over an hour. I shot a lot of pictures, it was so incredibly beautiful. Though I would’ve preferred it less crowded, although I already knew coming here I wouldn’t find “my” beaches anywhere near here, but on the other hand, I might not find a Thai school on an island with less crowded beaches either; everything comes down to making choices. And everything comes with a price.


So I’ve decided to take a walk on the beach – every day – I have to enjoy every single moment of the nice weather now! Soon enough I’ll be walking around in snow, ice, or a rainy, gloomy city. YIKES!

Today I woke up to a heavy rainfall! So, the weather had not been told about my plans. Right. So I stayed indoors all day, playing with my dearest, without having any guilty conscience about not doing things I should’ve. Perfect! Even fewer demands…


Well, got to leave you now. Nightfall is here and the bed is sending me quite inviting looks.

Mata ne!