Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage

“Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage – min drömresa!” was first published on my Swedish Blog.


Yo! Long time no hear!

What have you been up to? No, wait… let me… because in my world (to steal someone’s expression) I have something very important to tell you! About me! 😛


After a long, long year without any sane direction I will now embark on a very exciting project – a volunteer project – finally! I’ve wanted to do volunteer work for all of my life; take care of wild (or tame) animals and getting a real chance to interact with them on a deeper level. The journey of my dreams!


It took some time to choose; I’ve found plenty of interesting projects on the Swedish website (Volontärresor). Finally I decided to go with Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage, just outside Bulawayo in Zimbabwe.


Why Chipangali?


They take care of injured animals, animals who nobody wants anymore and they have plenty of all kinds of animals for me to dote on. It seemed they were the closest to my needs at present.


I follow Chipangali on both Instagram and Facebook, to get a clue what’s waiting there for me. I also briefly contacted a previous volunteer, to ask some prying questions; you never know what’s hiding beneath it all… It turned out Chipangali was the right decision for her too, so I trust in my choice.


So 2 weeks ago I managed to finally get a move on and made a reservation – off I go on the 19th of December. I won’t be celebrating neither Christmas nor New Year’s back here in Sweden, and hopefully I’ll celebrate the new year 2017 cuddling with a furry little thing…


So for a while now you’ll be seeing updates about my plans for this journey, and of course I’ll be updating madly down there in Africa as well – hopefully. Depends on the internet I suppose…


The journey of my dreams has to get well documented! 🙂