Visit to Matopos

This post was first published on my Swedish blog as “Besök i Matopos”.

When you’re volunteering on Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage, you also need to go to Matopos, where they track leopards and hyenas. They go either once a week, or every other week, it all depends on time and other circumstances.


Our task when I was part of the mission was to set traps with new meat and camouflage them, and even put up new cameras.




The weather was pretty miserable while our visit, but I had the honour of sitting inside the car, so I didn’t really mind, and to be perfectly honest I thought the rain much more pleasant than had it been sizzling hot sun, because apparently I’m embarrassingly weak as soon as the sun shows its rays!


Heatstroke every other minute apparently!


There’s not that much to write about the event, so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. It was a completely magical environment, to be truthful, and all the rocks are apparently typical of Matopos/Matobo National Park. Really just so beautiful!


20161229-20161229-img_6160 20161229-20161229-img_6183 20161229-20161229-img_6199 20161230-20161230-img_6341 20161230-20161230-img_6356 20161229-20161229-img_6246 20161229-20161229-img_6230 20161230-20161230-img_6316

In these amazing views we stumped around searching for leopards and hyenas, but we didn’t see a single soul.


The animals we in fact did see were giraffes, zebras, wildebeests and cows (!):

20161229-20161229-img_6305 20161230-img_6402-copy wildebeest 20161230-img_6378-copy


And a whole heap of baboons and vervet monkeys, of course, since they are everywhere!


And we also found the occasional ex-animal, spiders and weird trees…


Needless to say, I loved Matopos, and it was a nice break from work. We slept in tents and it was basically just a camp feeling about it. Totally cozy!