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Category: Photo

Photo of the Week – grandfather

As I mentioned last Sunday, I’ve managed to throw myself into a new exciting project: scanning old photographs. Today I’m sharing a photo taken in 1964 of my grandfather Håkan Larsson. […]

Photo of the Week – mom and dad

Just before Christmas 2015 I borrowed my father’s and bonus mom’s photo albums from way back, because I intended to scan all of the old photos to make new, digital […]

Wednesday Words: Pain by Lowry

Today I’m starting a new category… Wednesday Words, so every Wednesday I’m sharing quotes and a photo by me. The photo I mean, the quote will most probably not come from […]

My most popular Instagram 2015

I’ll start the new year – the oh so amazing 2016 with my most popular Instagram during the year of 2015 – my most silent year since I entered the blogosphere. […]


“Mysigt på Asaitique, Bangkok, Thailand” was first published on my Swedish Blog.   Since my arrival I’ve celebrated my birthday: 41! Yatta! When I was about to turn 30 I […]

Goodbye, until we meet again… <3

THIS POST IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN SWEDISH HERE!   Insignificant, like dust, you lay by the roadside; broken, unimportant and completely ignored… Who cares about a dead cat anyway?   […]

365 project, theme week 4

THIS POST IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN SWEDISH! Close by my office is an indoor flea market called Kommersen, open during weekends. The building is incredibly creatively and beautifully decorated with striking […]

365 project, theme week 3

THIS POST IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN SWEDISH! Theme week 3 of my 365 photo challenge project was all about love… All because of Valentine’s Day, which occurred on the Friday […]

365 project, theme week 2

THIS POST IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN SWEDISH! Because my first theme week of my 365 project was black and white, I chose the second week to be about colours, and […]

The 365 project

THIS POST IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN SWEDISH! With New Year’s Eve knocking on the door way back in 2013 I decided to make some resolutions for the New Year after […]

Photo of the Week, w4

This week I’ve been completely tied up at work, but I managed to get some practice within night photography. It’s a bit tricky with the autofocus, though, since it’s hard […]