Back from: Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage

“Tillbaka från volontärarbete på Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage” was first published on my Swedish Blog.




So, back home again after one month of volunteer work at Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage, Zimbabwe. Due to both lack of internet and power shortages, and a whole heap of time shortage, I wasn’t able to update my blog from down there, so I’ll have to do it like this – in hindsight… so to speak!


Discovered down there how much my (and all others’!) travelling has changed  due to internet and technology.


A whole lot to the worse, I’m sorry to admit – technology freak as I am in spite all. It was during one of the longer power shortages, while all my gadgets were completely dead, that I for the first time even reflected over this, and at the same time rediscovered the simple joy in playing cards… with other human beings!


It is much easier to keep busy with the laptop in your lap, although you might not be as busy as you seem, at all; you’re only procrastinating and wasting valuable time.


Apart from this tiny “epiphany” I had an awesome time with the Wilson family, other volunteers from all over the world (although most of them teenagers!) and the rest of the workers.

Some times were hard, some easy and some simply wonderful/amazing – I’m really happy I chose this place of all and also arriving at that exact moment. My christmas away from my family for example was amazing and full of warmth!


It all came together perfectly!


I hope you will find it both fun and interesting to read about my experiences and see my photos, and I will update my blog with photos and stories, hopefully a couple of times a week, but you all know of my sporadic nature ;)!